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WordPress Websites with Accessibility in Mind

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Exceptional Service

I’ll get to know you better so we can build a website that captures your business. The design should reflect your business’ identity and align with its core principles. In the words of one client,

“I’m very pleased with how well you seem to understand our goals and how well you are able to help communicate that through design.”

Ease of Use

People visit your website for specific information, so let’s make it easy to find. Users will appreciate how easy it is to find what they’re looking for on your website. A well-thought-out, hierarchically structured information architecture lays the groundwork for an amazing site.

Domain Registration, Hosting Setup, et. al.

  • Search Engine Optimization best practice
  • Set up domain registration + hosting services
  • Custom programming as needed for your existing site
  • HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
  • Accessibility + Section 508 Compliance
  • Email & social media graphics

Mobile Responsive Design

People are online wherever they go. Your website needs to look great on all devices to reach all of your customers. Our websites are designed to work well across platforms and at any size.

Content is Key

Content is still the driving force behind your website. You want potential clients to know what you can do for them and how you do that better than your competitors. Let’s draft content to draw customers in and give you a chance to win their confidence.




WordPress powers 30% of the web. It enables people to easily make changes and add content to their own websites after they’re built. Pre-built themes and templates often make development faster and less costly.


Content Management System

WordPress is a content management system, or CMS. You can easily format text, add graphics, and align elements on any page.

Open-Source Software

Many CMS platforms have a licensing fee. Not WordPress. The WordPress code itself is free for anyone to use or modify.

Support Community

Thousands of developers help maintain and improve WordPress every day. They keep WP up-to-date and secure against new online threats.

Most Popular CMS

WordPress developers are everywhere.  You won’t be left high and dry with obsolete technology that no one knows.


Plugins Extend WordPress

Achieve the results you want. Whatever you need your website to do can often be accomplished with plugins.

Your Evolving Website

Because WordPress is modular, you can add functionality after your site is up and running. That way, your website can start small and grow with your business.

About Me



I’ve been using web technologies for more than 15 years, working with small businesses, educational institutions, and publishing firms. Conlin Web Design started in 2007 and focused on accessibility and customer service. Friendly, reliable service is important to me.

It’s About Your Business

What is it that sets your business apart? Your web design should align with your core values. Getting to know you will give me a clearer vision of your message.

I love what you’ve done. I think you’ve really captured the look and feel we were hoping to achieve and any of these designs would be great. … Again, great work, thanks for listening so closely to our goals. 

Accessibility & Section 508


Accessibility Overview

Accessibility relates to designing things so that a person with a disability can interact with them. A product, service, or system is said to be accessible if a person with special needs can use it.

Websites are similar to buildings in this sense – either they are built to allow a person with a disability to access and navigate, or they are not.

Web accessibility is just that: people of all abilities should be able to access and interact with your website. Some people use assistive devices like screen readers. Websites must be compatible with screen reader technology if they are to be accessible.

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